Experiential marketing is the future. Your consumers, clients and guests want to touch, feel and be a part of brand conversations. Too many people have been there, done that, tweeted about it. It’s time to be different. Be bold. Our creative team creates the perfect experience tailored for your goals.

Don’t see what you need here? Try us!

icon_projection Projection ensures that everyone gets the full experience, feels immersed in the imagery and energy of the event.

icon_audio Audio provides the perfect balance to fill the room with music and effects and to keep the audience hanging on every word.

icon_lighting Lighting sets the mood, boosts the energy and makes the entire event shine.

icon_livevideo Live Video ensures that every great moment on stage appears on screen, too: at just the right angle and just the right time. Your entire audience should get a front row seat.

icon_videocapture Video Capture allows for the entire event to be recorded. You can then show it off on your website, social media or share it as audience memorabilia.

icon_videocreation Video Content Creation means sizzle reels, video intros and more. We can help you enhance your event with creative video.

icon_staging Staging & Stage Design creates immersive environments that will move your audience and ensures that the scene is set for the best possible production. Lights. Imagery. Sound. An unforgettable multi-sensory experience.

icon_venue Venue Selection to help you find the perfect location for your event. We’ve been around long enough to know all the best spots.

icon_oversight Talent Management so that you don’t have to. We can manage negotiations, coordination and any production related to your rockstars.

icon_talent Consulting and Production Oversight for the “and more” part. Anything we haven’t covered that you might need — we’ll do our best to help you, or refer you to an expert we know and trust.

“From the first walk through, to the big event, they were there as a partner providing tireless support in lighting, sound, A/V, video production.”

“They understood my vision for the event, helped me stay within budget and had a flawless day-of execution.”