"I feel overwhelmed."

Each day can feel like you are jumping into the deep end. You try your best to float, but you feel underwater from all the turbulence.

Business is crazy messy, right?

While you can’t control what life throws at you, you can control how you process the information and the actions you take.

As an independent thinker, it's easy to say that structure is not your strong point. You are a free spirit and avoid left-brained activities. Your creativity is free from boxed-in thinking.

But then the business side of your work suffers. You miss details or important tasks that take hours to fix. You mix up payments or don't charge enough to cover your costs. Your clients don't understand your work because it isn't clear on your website. You keep losing digital assets or aren't sure how the technical parts even work.

You feel shame for not being better at business.

Feelings of overwhelm and fear can easily hinder your decision-making process. When you make insightful choices and take valuable actions, you end up feeling less friction and open up opportunities for your future.

The ease of moving from one action to another is what I call flow.

I bet you are familiar with another concept of flow when you are in your creative state. Time seems to disappear and your sense of self becomes the art and not your surroundings. You are in the zone.

What if you could have a similar feeling in your business activities?

What if the concepts you already know from the creative world could also guide you to be more organized?

And what if those systems actually succeed because they are designed, not calculated?

Organizing isn't about being perfect. It's about creating systems that work for you.

Would you like to invite flow into your business?

Let's dive deeper.

Using the concepts you already know.

Most creatives are familiar with the rules of composition (e.g. repeating patterns, leading lines and rule of thirds). While creation is about following your intuition and experimentation, it also has intrinsic rules to help avoid chaos.

You can use the same concepts in creating organizational systems for your business.

I don't promote perfectly labeled tax receipt folders or alphabetized office supplies. I would rather focus on you as a human, your daily choreography of tasks, and how we can smooth things out to give you more flexibility.

Here are just some ideas we can work on together:

  • Client Onboarding
  • First Impression Audit
  • Stair-Step Models
  • Email Automation
  • Social Media Consistency
  • Handing Off Tasks
  • Efficient Office Systems
  • Organizing Tools and Supplies
  • Website Flow
  • Sites and Apps with Synergy
  • Expense Audits
  • Setting Up Backup Services
  • Covering Your Costs
  • Online Scheduling
  • Streamline Your Taxes
  • Security and 2-Factor Authentication

  • The process of creating flow.

    Our first meeting consists of taking stock of what is working for you, and what isn't. We then create a plan that breaks down your goals into manageable pieces you can start implementing immediately. Just like art, we use one or two rules of composition that best suit you to increase flow in your day-to-day. We start small and slowly build up over time, celebrating your wins together and keeping you accountable.

    Each business and each person is different. Some need just a single session for ideas they can run with. Some need a series of sessions to check-in to stay on course. And some need a very hands-on support every step of the way. During our first session, we will see which method works best for you.

    One Session

    One 30-minute Phone Call


    Three Session Bundle

    Three 30-minute Phone Calls


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    Create Flow in Your Business

    About Me

    Hi! I'm Kaytlyn, your Systems Designer and problem solver here at Beneficial Studio. It's a pleasure to meet you!

    I started my online experience in college in 1997 when I coded my first web page. I loved combining my love of photography with this new medium called "the web." I was fascinated with how people can be influenced through a screen and be encouraged to take action by purchasing or participation.

    After graduating with a degree in Web Design and Interactive Media, I worked in a user interaction and management capacity for a variety of companies, from tech startups to print and photography studios. Since launching my own business in 2005, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients, including award-winning bloggers, event producers, artists, retailers, authors and wellness providers. When they were ready to grow their audience from hundreds of readers to hundreds of thousands of them, they found me. It's been an honor to work with them all.

    Expanding my education from UX (user experience) design to digital behavior was natural as I took deep dives in conferences, classes and research concerning the psychology and ethics of online platforms. I started consulting my clients on the pros and cons of social media, the measurement of users vs. time usage, algorithms and bias, and how to determine if you are using it all too much. Witnessing the lines blur between real life and screens is equally scary and amazing.

    My strengths as a mom of a special needs son swirl around designing systems that are easy for him to understand and achieve, providing easy wins and momentum. My design and project management background also lends to always be curious about how systems can be improved. Nothing is ever perfect, but because of the fluidity of technology and life, the strategies we depend on also need to bend and adapt over time.

    Complexity and assumptions don’t serve us. However, listening, compassion and simplicity do. My father – who was a psychologist and woodworker – taught me how to check my numbers twice, take time to sand out the sharp edges, and value quality over quantity. I find those concepts easy to live by.

    I feel that although we can be heavily influenced into keeping up with the Joneses, we can still remain in control. Our screens can increase productivity, but we also need to make sure our clients fully understand what we can do for them. We have the power to design our own goals with technology and iterate until it flows with our lifestyles in mind.

    Currently I am consulting business owners how to achieve more flow in their businesses. I also help personal clients create flow in their everyday lives.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Create Flow in Your Business

    Discoveries from happy clients.

    "Thank you so much, Kaytlyn! I don't know what I'd do without you. I'm so happy that I see a 'Secure' sign when I see my website."

    "You work hard to infuse the clients ideas and not your own."

    "That you are personable, easy to converse with, and have a way of interpreting and understanding what it is that they are trying to say. You're like a mind reader."

    "She asks just the right questions to help understand your mission, but these questions also help organize your own thoughts and ideas. You'll leave the consultation feeling inspired and motivated.

    "You are extremely patient, and very creative, and able to execute your idea in the most organized ways.

    "I appreciate your timely replies, emails and sense of caring. I feel you put a lot of time and energy into me as a client. But, I'm also someone that likes people I know I can count on, which is super important and I feel I do with you."
    —New Client

    "My biggest learning experience was my own growth and figuring out the direction I was going to take. You helped get that out of me, guide me in the right direction. I also trusted you (which I don't with many) that I could run things by you or where I was going, you gave me your honest opinion. You get me and my creative vision — it's been a great business collaboration."

    "I always tell my clients and friends how intuitive and easy you are to work with. While working together, there's always a point where I can almost hear the "click!" when all of the questions and ideas snap together in a way that I might not have considered before. During the process, I've always felt that my input was truly heard with all of my feelings considered. That's a big deal for creatives and since you are one, that familiarity shines through!"

    Create Flow in Your Business

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are the sessions phone or video only?
    At this time yes. Although I open up in-person sessions in the North Seattle area in the future. Email me if you are interested.

    Who calls who?
    I will call at our scheduled time you at the number you provide. I find phone calls less provide focus, but we can also try video.

    Can you accommodate a fluctuating schedule?
    Yes, you get to pick the dates and times of our sessions that work best for you with my scheduler. They can be whatever works for you. Please schedule appointments when you can be focused and uninterrupted.

    What if I fall sick?
    I can easily reschedule if you contact me 24 hours before our session. If you cancel the same day, my availability may be full and your next appointment may be pushed further out.

    Do you offer refunds?
    No, all sales are final and non-refundable.

    Create Flow in Your Business

    Ready to dive in?

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